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August 9, 2018

Natural Pastures Buffalo Paneer


Water buffalo milk is thicker, richer and nutritionally superior to cow’s milk. Our water buffalo milk is sourced from farms on Vancouver Island where the gentle water buffalo forage for grass & herbs.

Paneer has been a protein-rich staple in South Asia for thousands of years. Our pure white, spongy paneer is perfect in curries, rice bowls, & vegetable dishes. Or simply bread & fry it for a delicious appetizer. It is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Paneer is always cooked before serving. This cheese is an excellent substitute for soy on menus. Chefs will be impressed!

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Leslie Stowe Raincoast Cheese Crisps


Featuring 2 new crisps that are sure to impress!  These local crisps are very similar in profile to our original Raincoast Crips, so we’re confident that they’ll be a big hit for every season.

  • Aged Cheddar & Harissa
  • Parmesan & Chive

Lesley Stowe crisps are the perfect entertaining food to please a crowd of any size. The new cheese crisps will work wonderfully with any gourmet charcuterie board.  Available in 12 x 100g retail boxes.


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Casa Luker Premium Chocolate


Created using only the best Cacao beans from Fino de Aroma growing regions. The flavor, aroma and quality is so superior that only 8% of the total global cacao crop is granted this premium status. You’ll taste the difference.

Sustainability matters! Casa Luker provides free training to help farmers succeed. The company has a strong connection to their employees, their clients and the environment.

  • Made by experts in Colombia with over 110 years of experience
  • NON GMO ingredients & Gluten Free
  • Top Chefs use this brand with confidence
  • Retail packaging is eye-catching competitively priced
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Cor, (known as Neil) worked hard in the late 60’s/early 70’s to establish a recognizable and dependable wholesale company. Supermarkets quickly became interested in selling German style sausage and fine imports; this interest led to the company changing its name in 1975 to “Neil’s Wholesale”. A true milestone.




In 1960, Cornelis took over distributing Freybe Sausage for Vancouver Island. At that time there were very few grocery stores and delicatessens, so he sold to people at their homes. Soon after, many European delicatessens opened and there became a great demand for premium wholesale products.




In the late 70’s Freybe expanded their business into Alberta. In February of 1979, Cor’s son, Richard van Wiltenburg ventured into sales in Edmonton and built a good following. After a few years of success, Richard moved back to Victoria to work with his father.




When Cor retired in March of 1985, Richard purchased Neil’s Wholesale and the Freybe rights for Vancouver Island.




Richard transformed Neil’s Wholesale to Lekker Food Distributors Ltd. in December of 1986. His good friend, Mike Ready joined him in 1987 and together they introduced premium cheeses and high-end foods into the marketplace.




Rob McCowan joined Lekker to help expand the business. Together, they successfully introduced innovative products to customers.