Why partner with Lekker Food Distributors?

We are committed to building strong partnerships with our vendors, manufacturers, brokers and importers. It is our mandate that our team is educated on your products to ensure we represent your brand with confidence. We successfully manage over 350 brands with our regional sales and customer service teams, marketing, warehousing and full logistics. Click on the headings below to read how we can help your business grow!

Click on the headings below to read how we can help your business grow!

Our 24 sales representatives throughout BC and Alberta are well trained, eager and motivated to assist building your brand. Our regular sales meetings include product training sessions to ensure our reps are knowledgeable and passionate about the products we represent. As your new distributor, our first priority will be to maintain your current sales, and once that has been accomplished, to grow your business!

Our experienced key account managers have solid relationships with corporate buyers of large chains. Our goal is to make professional and impactful presentations to get your items listed with the right customers.

Our marketing team ensures market research and that your products will be promoted regularly through our monthly flyers, in-store offers and chain ads. We will help you customize a yearly plan that helps keep your brand on the frontline.

Our inventory control experience ensures customers receive fresh product, even on short shelf life products, allowing them maximum time to sell your products before they become outdated. Our buyers are trained to give our vendor/partners plenty of notice on chain ads and sales spikes to ensure product availability to fill our orders.

We provide our vendor partners with regular reporting. This gives you the information you need to ensure we are doing a good job of selling your products and meeting your expectations.

We value getting to know our vendors/partners and your products and we encourage you to speak at our sales meetings on occasion. This allows you an opportunity to transfer the knowledge and passion you have for your products to our sales rep team. We believe in partnerships – when you succeed, we succeed.

We do not require a contract. Our philosophy is that we will always be the best option as your distributor and if you are not happy with us, you are free to find another option.

Our fleet of over 20 refrigerated trucks throughout BC are well maintained to ensure our customers receive their orders on time and in good condition. We offer multiple delivery days per week to allow our customers to keep your products fresh and well stocked.

Our dedicated AR staff handles all aspects of accounts receivable so you can focus solely on manufacturing your product. With our very large customer base, our accounts receivable staff are well trained to do credit checks and manage customers who are having trouble paying for their orders. You will receive one order from us, and we do the rest, diminishing your administrative costs and stress.

Our strategy is to be constantly looking for ways to increase our market share. We strive to get your brand into more Canadian households.

Become a Vendor

Take your products to the next level and become a vendor of the leading food and beverage distributor in Western Canada.